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How to choose a reliable recycled yarn manufacturer? 5 Key factors to consider

More and more companies are starting to seek and implement solutions that promote sustainability and the circular economy. However, when it comes to recycled yarn, there are differences among manufacturers. For this reason, it is crucial to choose a reliable manufacturer that meets the customer’s requirements and environmental responsibility.

In this article, as experts in recycled yarn manufacturing, we will share 5 important key factors to consider when selecting a trustworthy manufacturer.

Choose a recycled yarn manufacturer with a solid industry experience. Look for those who have deep knowledge in processing recycled materials and are familiar with the specific techniques and standards of the recycled yarn sector. Demonstrated experience is an indicator of the manufacturer’s ability to produce quality yarn and meet the demanding market requirements and deadlines.

Verify if the manufacturer has the relevant certifications and complies with the standards in sustainability and quality.

At Vilarrasa, we are proud to have the main industry certifications, which guarantee that our recycled yarn meets rigorous criteria of origin and recycled content.

It is essential to choose a manufacturer that offers transparency throughout the production process. This includes traceability of the recycled yarn from its origin to the final product. A reliable manufacturer will provide clear information about the origin of the recycled materials used and the yarn transformation process. Traceability ensures the authenticity and quality of the recycled yarn, which in turn instills confidence in end consumers.

Look for a manufacturer that demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact. This includes adopting responsible waste management practices, using renewable energy in the production process, and minimizing the carbon footprint. A manufacturer committed to the environment shows its concern for preserving natural resources and contributing to the circular economy.

Select a manufacturer that values collaboration and customer service. A reliable manufacturer will be willing to listen to your specific needs and adapt to them. Effective communication, personalized attention, and responsiveness are key aspects in establishing a lasting trust relationship. Choose a manufacturer that cares about the success of your project and is committed to providing tailored solutions to your requirements.

Choosing a reliable recycled yarn manufacturer entails ensuring the quality and traceability of the recycled yarn for product manufacturing, while also meeting environmental standards. At Vilarrasa, as experts in the recycled yarn sector, we meet these criteria and are committed to offering high-quality and sustainable recycled yarn to meet the needs of our customers.