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Latest advances in the manufacture of recycled yarn at Vilarrasa

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The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet and in recent years textile companies have been shifting their focus to the development of sustainable recycled yarns to meet this need.

Innovation has played a fundamental role in Vilarrasa’s growth over the years, from machinery and processes to the search for maximum efficiency. This is a differential point to keep us up to date with the latest advances in the manufacture of recycled yarn and to offer increasingly adapted and efficient solutions to our customers.

Within our production process we are committed to innovation in order to reduce emissions, as well as energy and water use. Our focus is also on machinery innovation with the aim of improving speed, efficiency, superior flexibility and improved functionality of the picks, with the intention of positioning ourselves as a leader in the manufacture of high quality recycled yarns. Our machinery incorporates the most advanced technology on the market, which allows us to manufacture recycled yarns with a wide variety of counts and compositions in order to cover different markets: fashion, home textiles, cleaning, etc.

In addition to investing in new machinery, Vilarrasa has installed a photovoltaic system to reduce environmental impact and generate clean energy.

It is obvious that sustainability is a growing concern for brands, manufacturers and consumers and for this reason, Vilarrasa will continue to focus on new advances in yarn manufacturing to promote water saving, waste management and the reduction of emissions.