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Textile trends: 5 fabrics home textile trends in 2024

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As we approach the New Year, we begin to ask ourselves which interior design trends will stand out next season, which fabrics, colours and patterns will play a leading role when it comes to decorating houses in a stlylish way. That’s why Vilarrasa will tell you all about the fabrics and upholstery which will be most popular in 2024.

Comfort and Softness

The leading trend is to be found in fabrics which convey a feeling of comfort. A couple of seasons ago bouclé burst upon the decorating scene to become one of the most sought-after options, not just for upholstering sofas, chairs and armchairs, but also for blending into other accessories such as throws, cushions, rugs.

Increase in Demand for Sustainable Fiber

The use of sustainable fibers helps reduce the environmental footprint of clothing and textiles, as they are often grown and processed with fewer chemicals and pesticides. Additionally, many sustainable fibers have a low impact on water and energy resources, making them an attractive option for consumers looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Colours inspired by Nature

In 2024, we’ll carry on opting for the palette inspired by the richness and serenity of nature. From beige and brown tones evoking the warmly welcoming earth, to deep greens and serene blues transporting us to lush natural landscapes, and terracottas bringing to mind the heat of the sun and the warmth of clay.

Neutral shades, a timeless option

Whether it be warm sandy shades or the soft hue of greys, neutral colours are the best option for those who are looking for a subtle palette which will be long lasting. A perfect choice for creating environments which will convey calm and serenity and which will also be easy for you to mix and match with the rest of the décor, as they work with a wide range of styles and will suit any season of the year.

On-trend patterns

Everything seems to indicate that in 2024 plant and floral patterns will feature strongly in many of the textile collections. The colourways for Heimtextil Trends 24/25 have been inspired by natural colours deriving from avocado seeds, algae, living bacteria and antique pigments.