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+50 years manufacturing high quality recycled yarns

Our recycled yarns are characterized by the fact that they are discarded waste that is reintroduced into the manufacturing process to give it a second life.

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Manufacturer with the lowest breakage rate on the market

Manufacturer with the lowest
breakage rate on the market

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Vertical integration

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Manufacturers of pre-consumer recycled yarn

We develop high quality recycled yarns from pre-consumer textile waste. We carefully select and process this waste to ensure that the yarns are of excellent quality and strength, so that they can be used in various industrial sectors.

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Manufacturers of post-consumer recycled yarn

Meet the business line specializing in the manufacture of post-consumer recycled yarn. A sustainable and attractive alternative for those looking for high quality post-consumer recycled yarns and materials with a reduced carbon footprint.

Vilarrasa Group more than 50 years in the sector as recycled yarn manufacturers

At Vilarrasa Group we strive for quality and excellence in the product, guaranteeing the profitability of the yarn discarded. With more than 50 years of experience in the sector manufacturing recycled yarn, we work in the search for a careful and efficient recycled yarn production process, keeping up to date with the latest market trends and technologies, allowing us to offer innovative and sustainable products to our customers.

Integrated vertical process

The high quality of our yarns comes from a fully integrated 360º vertical production process. We have our own efficient machinery for the separation of materials that allows the cleaning of impurities from the textile fabrics, spinning machines to unify the fibres, as well as the use of optimization systems to reduce the waste generated.


1. Collection
of textiles

2. Cutting
of pieces

3. Shredding

4. Spinning process

5. Twisted

Global Recycled Standard - S. Vilarrasa, S.A. is GRS certified. Only the products which are covered by a valid transaction certificate are GRS certified.

Global Recycled Standard Certification, GRS cotton recycled yarn

Our yarns are GRS (Global Recycled Standard) quality certified with 100% recycled yarns, in addition to social and environmental protocols.

Vilarrasa Group also has:

Laboratorio de color - Hilo reciclado pre-consumer / pre-consumer recycled yarn

Colour laboratory | Vilarrasa Lab

Our colour chart includes a wide variety of colours in pre-consumer recycled yarns. However, we have a laboratory for the creation of new customized colours outside the colour chart. We create different shades of colour depending on the specific needs that are required in each case.

Shredding service for third parties

We have a pre-consumer, post-consumer and post-industrial waste shredding service available for our customers or for third parties. We are positioned as one of the few companies in the sector that has shredding machinery within our production chain.

Hilo reciclado pre-consumer / pre-consumer recycled yarn - Servicio torsión

Recycled yarn twisting service

One of the services we offer at Vilarrasa Group is the twisting of recycled yarn. Twisting is the process that increases the strength and resistance of the yarn by twisting the fibres, providing greater stability to the filaments. For this reason, we use the most specialized machinery to carry out this spinning recycled yarn process with the utmost precision and quality.

We use green energy in all our processes

At Vilarrasa Group we are committed to renewable energy sources, and for some time now we have been working on the introduction of photovoltaic energy in our production. The energy is characterized by the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity through solar cells, allowing a much more sustainable production, thus favouring the environment and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.


Pre-consumer recycled yarns

100% recycled cotton

Recycled cotton yarn
Ecru and optic white

Recycled cotton/Polyester

Ecru, white and colours

Recycled cotton/Acrylic

White and colours

Recycled cotton/
Recycled polyester

Ecru, white and colours

Certificated recycled yarn

Stock Service

Availability with more than 30 colours in stock of NM20 yarn with 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

European production
to the world

We manufacture pre-consumer recycled yarn in our production centres located in Spain

Express service
Recycled yarn suppliers

Faster and more efficient deliveries, ensuring timely completion of projects

Collaborations with industry partners

At Vilarrasa Group, we maintain a solid collaboration with leading partners in the sector with the aim of devising circular solutions for the textile industry.

Pre-consumer recycled yarns for different applications

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By choosing Vilarrasa Group, you are supporting a company committed to sustainability and constant innovation in the recycled yarn sector. Together, we can contribute to a more sustainable and responsible future for the textile industry.

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