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The Fall-Winter 24-25 colors

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Each season, the international experts highlight ideas and innovations stirring up the world’s fashion of art, design and fashion. Working together, they develop the color range for next upcoming seasons. For FW 24-25 we are moving towards natural hues that recall organic colors. They communicate a search for authenticity and sustainability. A taste for natural materials, but also for alternative dyes. The season’s star color, yellow clay, combines neutral qualities with a luminous appeal. Elaborated with brighter shades such as oranges and yellows, this color range establishes the central direction of the season, the light of the sun and it’s warmth in the heart of the winter.

Yellow Clay, reflects the symbiosis of earth and light. 

Sun, the color : versatile, dynamic and mystical, its powerful radiance energizes the season.

True Orange, symbolizes pure energy.

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