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ZERO-WASTE: Dust Project

The entire spinning process generates enormous amounts of dust and fluff, recycling dust from yarn production can be a sustainable practice. Vilarrasa’s group has been working on recycling dust during the manufacturing process for more than 10 years. This is a unique traceable and revolutionary project based on circular economy principles. Its purpose is to optimise and promote “Zero Waste” practices by recovering dust from the production and reintroduce it in the process.

This dust collection has been achieved by implementing an effective dust collection system during the production process to gather as much dust as possible. After collection, the dust may contain various materials, such as yarn fibers, contaminants, and other particles. We have developed a method to separate and sort these materials.  At Vilarrasa we always ensure that the recycled dust meets quality standards for reuse. This might involve testing the material for strength, cleanliness, and other relevant factors.

Once this process has taken place, it can be reprocessed back into the production line.

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